Using Secure Servers


When you are at any "check out" page on the internet, and before entering ANY credit card information, look for the yellow closed padlock on the "bottom right" of your browser. You should see this before going ANY further with a purchase.

You will always see this closed padlock at all
"check out" pages.

Look down now, and lay your mouse pointer on it and double click to find out if the secured certificate is validated.  See just how it works. Go ahead, you won't break it.

This padlock is NOT controlled by us, it can not be turned on/off by us or any other vendor at will. It does verify that we are, who we say we are, and we exist, where we say we exist.

It also provides that any data passed while at that secured page, will be sent in an encrypted form. This prevents any unauthorized person from viewing any intercepted data in a legible fashion thus securing your transaction.

Look at it as though this provides you the comfort to send your credit card information to us, using your internet connection. You should be comfortable to trust who we are, and represent you us as your florist.

DEMAND ENCRYPTION when shopping on the internet.


...more on security utilizes the latest in "Secure Server Technology" to protect sensitive data from being compromised. In addition, we NEVER use email, to exchange this data, even after the secure transaction takes place. cares about our customer's privacy, and supports the fight against Internet credit card fraud. Unique IP addresses are captured with all orders, to help protect the legitimate card holders.

These are little files that some e-commerce sites will deposit on your machine when you make an online purchase from them. Their software will "write" to these files at will. Although we assume that the well known commerce sites wouldn't do this, they could track your every click, and store all of your private information in this file. The next time you visit their site, their software could read this file and take this data.

Unlike many of these other e-commerce websites, Florals.Com does not place "cookies" on your machine, or read existing ones. For that matter, we don't put ANYTHING on your machine. Doing that is abusive to your privacy, in our opinion.

We use another technology that is less obtrusive than the "cookie" methods and our software never requires depositing any unauthorized files on YOUR machine.

Florals.Com never sells any information obtained during an order, to anyone, or for any purpose. Expect to never receive an email from one of our affiliates, trying to sell you some product.

On occasion Florals.Com may send you an email directly from us, to announce a new  campaign designed for our customers only. These emails will never exceed once a month ..if ever that. Customers will be given the option to "opt" out of even these communications because Florals.Com is dedicated to protect our customers privacy in every way we can.

Jim Reilly
Founder and CEO